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Alex’s Favorite Albums of the Year

10. Bish Bosch by Scott Walker I know about as many people who care for Scott Walker the musician as I do Scott Walker the Governor.  Scott Walker the musician is one of my favorites.  Imagine Joe Jonas going off on his … Continue reading

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Bert Blyleven vs. Patrick Reusse

Twitter was created for one reason and one reason only: minor celebrity spats.  Bert Blyleven made a call as a former major leaguer that Tsuyoshi Nishioka (possibly the worst middle infielder in the history of the world) did not look … Continue reading

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Interview with Sam Lipsyte

Sam Lipsyte is a writer of short stories and novels.  He teaches at Columbia University.  His novel The Ask is a terrific comic novel.  Highly recommended.  He can be found here. Q: Your books are important to me as someone going to … Continue reading

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The Opening Day Starting Five

Today there will be more Olympic Men’s Basketball.  And if Kevin Love’s conduct on Twitter and in interviews is any indication, I don’t anticipate him being in Minnesota any longer than he has too.  He likes hanging out with the … Continue reading

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Masha Kirilenko: THE Basketball Wife

So the Minnesota Timberwolves have officially signed Andrei Kirilenko.  And while this is exciting for basketball reasons, let’s not limit ourselves to such a narrow minded view. Insofar as I care about these things, the fact that Masha Kirilenko isn’t … Continue reading

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Written Under the Influence: The Twins Vs. The Trade Deadline

by guest writer rmuellerleile Monday night the baseball world shifted as it does every year approaching the trade deadline.  A starting pitcher, Ryan Dempster was traded.  Or at least his trade was widely reported before the Cubs refuted that he … Continue reading

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It’s officially Guided by Voices month.

I’m not from Akron, but I’m still celebrating.

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Dante Cunningham: What Don’t We Know?

It might not be the biggest marquee trade, but in Timberwolves country, you gotta take em when you can get em.  According to the T-Wolves traded underachieving 2-Guard Wayne Ellington to the Grizzlies straight up for combo forward Dante Cunningham. When … Continue reading

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This is the trailer for the new Paul Thomas Anderson movie, The Master.  I would dispute anyone saying that he’s even come anywhere near a clunker, and this one looks like it won’t disappoint. This trailer has: Joaquin Phoenix going … Continue reading

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