Bert Blyleven vs. Patrick Reusse

Twitter was created for one reason and one reason only: minor celebrity spats.  Bert Blyleven made a call as a former major leaguer that Tsuyoshi Nishioka (possibly the worst middle infielder in the history of the world) did not look ready for the major leagues.  Then when Patrick Reusse criticized KFAN’s football commentators, likening them to Fox Sports North’s Dick Bremer and Bert Blyleven, Blyleven took to twitter.

“@1500ESPN_Reusse Very interesting that a guy like you can consistently criticize others when you played what sport? You are Mr. Negative!”

“@1500ESPN_Reusse For years you have been a writer that always looks for the negative. Keep up the good work because you are good at it!”

“@1500ESPN_Reusse I believe weather baseball, football or whatever sport, fans want to hear positive. The ones that don’t, listen to YOU!”

Reusse did not respond very much at all, saying that he would vote for Blyleven to be in the Hall of Fame again.

If this lack of spat spat leaves you without any closure, just think about what Bert said yesterday:

“Some days you just get your butt kicked. Thank God the sun will rises tomorrow and we will all get a chance to have a better day.”

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One Response to Bert Blyleven vs. Patrick Reusse

  1. Russ Prince says:

    Blyleven, I played baseball until age 22 when I was grown up. And I learned that home runs are earned runs, and Willingham thinks so too.

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