BEER TALK – 2012 London Olympics Edition

BEER TALK is a recurring feature where two experts give commentary on the most pressing issues facing the world.  Mark (left) and Wyatt (right) will be asked to address 5 questions while having a beer.

If you have an idea for a topic that warrants its own edition of BEER TALK, tweet your suggestion to me @mattprivratsky with the hashtag #BEERTALK

(For this edition, Mark is “transmitting from the moon with Summit and Grainbelt”, while Wyatt is “7 beers deep. Leinies orig. watching Frasier after an assassin creed binge”)

1) Of all the different sports, which would you most want to see live?

MARK – I would pick the Basketball, floor seats, right by Spike Lee and Drako
Malfoy.  Plus I get to watch 2 T-Wolves playing for the Ruskies and
one playing for the USA.

WYATT – Gotta agree with basketball, but I would want to see a team USA practice because you know that’s where all the AND1 mix tape stuff goes down. Kobe dunkin’ off Lebron’s back. Love throwing full court oops to KD.

2) Where will the United States finish in the medal count?

WYATT – Only a commie would think the USA would finish anything but first in medal count. Speaking of commies, I actually think China will finish a very close second in medal count. But as Toby Keith said “We’ll put a boot in you’re ass, it’s the American way!” USA USA

MARK – Let me bring some stats into this beer talk.

2008 Olympic Medal Count
Gold  Silver  Bronze   Total

1        China (CHN)                  51       21      28       100
2        United States (USA)    36      38      36       110
3        Russia (RUS)                 23      21      29       73
4        Great Britain (GBR)    19       13      15        47
5        Germany (GER)            16       10     15        41

I see no reason why the USA can’t win every Gold medal out there.  USA
will have over 100 Gold Medals.  China will have none.  Bruce
Springstein and Bruce Willis are going to go AMERICA on all those
other countries.

3) Which sport needs to be added to the Olympic games?

MARK – Drinking games.  Quiddich, Beer Pong, Flip Cup, Moose, Thumper (yes I am suggesting these so that I can become an Olympian) (also we should add bocce ball)

WYATT – Drinking games would be cool but the prudes at the IOC would never let that fly. Building on my AND1 thoughts, why not just have a global dunk contest? You know somewhere in Ukraine there is dude that just dunks all day. Also, lower the hoop to 8′ so I could compete.

4) Which Olympic sport would you most want to compete in?

WYATT – If we’re talking both summer and winter the obvious answer is bobsled. Summer only, I gotta go with javelin. A very dangerous and cool skill to have up your sleeve. Think of all the crime stopping/crime creation possibilities. (*SPOILER ALERT*) Pretty sure the next superhero block buster will have a javelin involved

MARK – Sport that I want to compete in? Obviously my first choice would be the sports I suggested earlier. After that I would want to compete in Chess, against a Soviet.  Bring down that wall! (ASIDE: Wyatt, Lets look into the bobsled thing 😉

5) Which Olympic sport needs to be removed?

WYATT – Normally I’d say fencing, but after my recent binge of Assassins Creed I have a new found respect for the sword. So…. I went and look at a list of Olympic sports and guess what’s on the list? Windsurfing!!! Yes windsurfing. A few problems with this ‘sport’.

A: What year is it? 1992.

B: I know at one point all the Olympic windsurfers were bullies from Point Break or some lame movie.

C: Again, it’s windsurfing

MARK – Unlike Wyatt I’m super cool with windsurfing. I have to say speed skating.  I have just had enough of Apollo Anton Ono.  I thought he was gone.  Its 2 years until any Winter Olympics and now I have to look at him on G.D. Subway commercials.

If you have a topic that would make a great BEER TALK, tweet me your suggestion @mattprivratsky with the hashtag #BEERTALK

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